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Dental Calculus….see what goes on in Your Mouth

Dental calculus

In dentistry, calculus  is a form of hardened dental plaque. It is caused by precipitation of minerals from saliva and gingival crevicular fluid (GCF) in plaque on the teeth. This process of precipitation kills the bacterial cells within dental plaque, but the rough and hardened surface that is formed provides an ideal surface for further plaque formation. This leads to calculus buildup, which compromises the health of the gingiva (gums). Calculus can form both along the gumline, where it is referred to as supragingival (“above the gum”), and within the narrow sulcus that exists between the teeth and the gingiva, where it is referred to as subgingival (“below the gum”). Calculus formation is associated with a number of clinical manifestations, including bad breath, receding gums and chronically inflamed gingiva. Brushing and flossing can remove plaque from which calculus forms; however, once formed, it is too hard and firmly attached to be removed with a toothbrush. Calculus buildup can be removed with ultrasonic tools or dental hand instruments (such as a periodontal scaler).

One effective way to prevent the buildup of calculus is through twice daily toothbrushing and flossing (which removes dental plaque). once the calculus is formed routine toothbrushing won’t get rid of it thereby requiring scaling and polishing for the patient and regular cleaning visits based on a schedule recommended by the dentist would be required to prevent  formation of it. Calculus accumulates more easily in some individuals, requiring more frequent brushing and dental visits for scaling and polishing. There are also external factors that facilitate the accumulation of calculus, including smoking and diabetes.

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