Welcome to Aire Dental Clinic, Lagos-Nigeria

Opening Hours : Monday to Saturday - 8am to 8pm
  Contact : +2341-2930850 | +2341-2930843


Oral/ Maxillofacial surgery unit

The unit manages all oral surgical cases ranging from surgical cases ranging from surgical tooth extradition, simple extraction surgical removal of oral and maxillofacial tumors, cosmetic facial surgery and all…

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Paediatic (Children) Dental Care

This unit treats children from 0 – 18 years. We manage dental caries (holes) in the deciduous and permanent dentition. We also in children and young adolescent. We also manage…

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Conservative Dentistry Unit

It involves filling the teeth with different materials. The materials include amalgam, composite, Glass Ionomer cement  (GIC), compomer, resin modified GIC  and soon. The unit also covers roof canal therapy…

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Prosthodontic Unit

The unit restores lost tooth/teeth with dental implant and dentures. We do have metal based dentures, acrylic dentures and flexible dentures

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Orthodontic Unit

The unit treats all forms of malocclusion i.e. bad arrangement of teeth. We place braces (fixed) and removable orthodontic appliances

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Preventive Dentistry Unit

The unit sees to scaling and polishing fluoride therapy in adult parents. We also manage periodontal (gum) problems. We do root planning, gingival curretage, gingival surgery. We also manage oral…

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